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Rob Parker
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Posted at: 10-03-2024 14:29:09

Posted here for the benefit of new members joining from 10/3/24

After the bad weather over this Winter period I feel we all need something to look forward to.  Hopefully the upcoming 2024 Summer schedules will bring you some sunny destinations and some lovely views from the flightdeck.


Subject to Mark's commitments the Summer schedules should go live on or soon after 31st MarchWith this in mind I recommend that you ensure that you do not get stranded at a Winter only airport.  It's a long wait until the end of October! 


Easyjet are having a successful comeback after the restricted COVID years and because of this they are opening a new summer base at LEAL ( 3 x A320's) and expanding their LIRN base by the addition of two extra aircraft (Now 6 x A320's + 2 x A320 Neo's).


This Summer we have added 70 routes to the network, some from the UK, but mainly concentrated on the increased capacity at LEAL and LIRN but also adding many routes from LFLL which was a little neglected. 


In real life not all EJ Summer routes begin operating at the end of March, some only operating for the main summer months of June, July and August.  However, for us, this is  too complicated to manage and therefore all Summer routes will be available for the whole of the summer period.

Another compormise regards flight numbers.  Easyjet do not make this information readily available until the routes begin operation so we allocate flight numbers to the new routes. However, the days of operation and the departure and arrival times are from the EJ timetables.


For those who love the Greek Islands but do not want, or have the time to fly from the UK, I can really recommend that you make your flights from LIRN.  It's such a beautiful city and the views on approach to 06 or departing from 24 are some of the best around.

This year you will be able to fly from Naples to Zakynthos,Santorini, Corfu, Heraklion, Sitia (no I'd never heard of it either - it's in eastern Crete and has only a VOR DME approach to Rwy 23) Kefalonia, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Skiathos and Preveza.


It's great to see so many new members joining us.  Mark and I hope that you enjoy flying with Jetva and that you stay with us for a long time.  Wishing everyone a great summer flying with Jetva!



Rob Parker

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