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What is this site about?

Jetva.co.uk is a Virtual Airline which is a free non profit, non commercial organisation for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator, we support FS2002, FS2004 ie fs9, FSX and the ever popular growing X-Plane community.

Our aim it to provide a free for members virtual environment for flight simulator enthusiasts that simulate the type of operations flown by the real world company easyjet.

We have been running since February 2010 and easyjet are aware of our existence, while many have come and been closed down we still remain because we do things properly. Forget the rest come and join the best, were here for the long term. If you want to simulate the routes and destinations easyjet fly in a friendly family like virtual airline then come and join us today!

If you want to challenge yourself then we use a flight performance scoring system which after every filed flight using our custom tracking system will analyse your flight performance and score your flight based on a number of set parameters unlike many other VA's, the system will point out where you have exceeded set levels for safe flight, they are set to current operation of the real world airline.

Live Flight Information

Flight Status Departing Arriving Aircraft Eta Network
EZY2172 Dortmund / Wickede Luton Airport A319 0:00
EZY785 London / Gatwick Airport Glasgow Airport A319 00:00
EZY228 Edinburgh Airport Stansted Airport B737 00:00
EZY451 Bristol / Lulsgate Belfast / Aldergrove Airport B737 0:16
EZY8853 London / Gatwick Airport Sharm El Sheikh International A319 3:19

EZY4302 Bordeaux-Mérignac Lyon-Saint-Exupéry A319 00:00
EZY4970 Côte d\'Azur International Airport Fiumicino International Airport A319 0:01

EZY214 Glasgow Airport Stansted Airport A319 00:00

Live flights and flights completed within the last 30 minutes.

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