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The Original and Best, established 2010.
Welcome - Jetva (Virtual Airline)

The Original EasyJet Virtual Airline

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25194 is a Virtual Airline,

We are a free non-profit, non commercial organisation for use with Microsofts Flight Simulators, FS2004(FS9), FSX and FSX-SE and also the new released version FS2020. We also support LM's P3Dv3,v4 and v5 as well as X-Plane.

We aim to provide a free for members virtual environment for flight simulator enthusiasts that simulate the type of operations flown by the real world company easyJet UK, incorporating easyJet Europe, based in Vienna and easyJet Swiss, based in Geneva.

We have been open and operating since February 2010, we are the original EasyJet Virtual Airline. Forget the rest come and join the best. If you want to simulate regularly updated routes, destinations and fleet operations that easyJet fly, in a friendly, family-like virtual airline, then come and join us today!

If you want to challenge yourself then we were one of the first VA's to implement the use of a flight performance scoring system which after every filed flight using our custom tracking system will analyse your flight performance and score your flight based on many set parameters. Unlike many other VA's, the system will point out where you have exceeded set levels for safe flight, they are set to the current operation of the real world airline. We still support the use of B737's and B752's within our historical fleet.

We cant wait to see you in the virtual skies with us soon!

Virtual Airline Features

Jetva Virtual Airline Star IconCustom Tracking SystemJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconCustom Flight Performance and Scoring SystemJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconCustom Online Forum for Pilot HelpJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconCustom Pilot Communication System (Airmail)Jetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconCustom Awards and Top Pilot PagesJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconPersonal Profile Sections with logbookJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconDetailed Flight Log with MapsJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconSearch Schedules with BlueSkyJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Virtual Airline Star IconFull Automated SimBrief IntegrationJetva Virtual Airline Star Icon

Plus much more to learn and enjoy, membership is free and all we ask is you file a flight for us once in a while to remain active.

Recent Pilots Flights

Dep Arr Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
EZY548 FenixA320_EZYGEZTJAL EGAA EGNT 00.57.32 EZY5304 -115
EZY136 FSLabs A320-214 - EZY (G-EZTB) EGAA EGCC 00.53.09 EZY5372 -348
EJU4197 Not Recorded LIRN LFMN 1.1 EZY3488 Not Recorded
EZY425 PMDG 737-800 EASYJET (2023 G-EZPT) EGGD EGPH 01.07.37 EZY5383 -171
EZY6158 Airbus A320neo Easyjet NEO c/s LSGG EGGD 01.33.28 EZY5383 -458
EZY3262 ToLissA320_V1p0p3 [LEA] Easyjet Europe OE-LSK EDDB EGPH 02.03.53 EZY5385 -192
EZY8107 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC EGKK LEAL 02.24.43 EZY0001 -91
EZY462 FenixA320_EZSHBJZY_4K EGPF EGAA 00.28.12 EZY5359 -138
EZY528 FSLabs A320-214 - EZY (G-EZPB) EGJJ EGGP 01.06.53 EZY5372 -145
EZY896 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC EGJJ EGKK 00.51.08 EZY0001 -325
EZY895 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC EGKK EGJJ 00.39.02 EZY0001 -167
EZY554 FenixA320_EZSHBJZY EGAA EGNT 00.49.28 EZY3622 -72
EZY3315 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC EGPH BIKF 02.18.54 EZY5368 -510
EZY132 FenixA320_EZYGEZTJAL EGCC EGAA 00.52.06 EZY5304 -342
EJU4884 Not Recorded LICJ LIRN 0.48 EZY3488 Not Recorded
EZY246 FSLabs A320-214 - EZY (G-EZOM) EGPE EGGD 01.16.08 EZY0065 -147
EZY4528 FenixA320_EZYGEZTHAL4K EGKK LSGG 02.07.45 EZY5383 -192
EZY8720 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC LPPT EGKK 02.10.53 EZY0001 -166
EZY1217 FenixA320_EZYGEZWC EGCC EDDM 01.59.24 EZY5335 -325
EZY132 FenixA320_EZSHBJZY EGCC EGAA 00.45.52 EZY3622 -298 is an official Vatsim Partner