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Author Topic: Fenix with GSX (Read 14 times)
Mark Grant
Senior Captain
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Posted at: 02-03-2024 14:57:36

Hi updated the Fenix the other day, as with probably most of you guys, I have to say that I am impressed with the integration available now with GSX.

I took the plunge last night and installed GSX pro, the seamless integration with the Fenix Airbus just seems to work well.

This is my first flight out today from Berlin and I have to say I am very impressed so far.

Fenix A320 with GSX Pro

Many Thanks,


Rob Parker
Training Captain

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Posted at: 02-03-2024 16:05:32

100% agree Mark.  The Fenix Team have done a fabulous job and, really, this aircraft is essentially brand new.  I am amazed that they gave us this update free.  The GSX integration is working seemlessly for me too.  I'm really looking forward to buying their A319 and A321 now.

P3D V5.2 + HF1 

FSLabs A319/320/320SL/321


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